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Club080 SMS Portal

SMS marketing is the number one marketing channel for promoting any brand of business, especially to the 18-40 age group. The cost of SMS publicity is much lower than flyers, posters, newsletters, magazine or radio ads, and the ROI is extremely high in all sectors. Club080SMS services is super-simple-to-use platform from any computer, tab or smart phone.

How can your business benefit from our SMS mobile marketing?

Promote events
Send quick SMS to let your clients & customers know about the date and time of events, initiatives, product/service launch, price changes and general reminders.

Create loyalty
Keep your customers in the loop with news on what’s on in your organisation, send them good wishes during festive periods, through our SMS platform.

Boost sales through promotions
Want to give sales a boost during low season? Why not create promotions and let people know about them via text message (e.g. 2 drinks for the price of 1, happy hour, discounts, etc.). You can also check the results and efficacy of your SMS promotions.

What if you have no mobile numbers to send bulk SMS to?
1)    If you have a website, by adding a registration form where users can enter their mobile numbers.
3)    By asking for mobile numbers from customers upon entrance to the shop/office/business centre.
4)    We also have access to over 74 million active GSM phone numbers of people in different locations of Lagos and other states in Nigeria, including special phone number databases of parents, clubbers, students (Unilag & Yabatech), Musicians, Actors/actresses, Models, Lawyers, Accountants, Businessmen, Contractors, Politicians and fashion lovers. We could help you out with these numbers, to get you started immediately


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